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DeFi Yield

DeFi liquidity provisioning

DeFi: peer-to-peer capital

Open ‘apps’ instead of financial intermediaries

DeFi: peer-to-peer capital DeFi: peer-to-peer capital

Liquid Venture Investments

Re7 alpha-enhancing opportunities
Our mission

Our mission

Identify, invest into and work alongside the best teams building the decentralised internet.

The strategy is focused on Decentralised Finance, the infrastructure that enables it and social change it leads to.

Investment ideas are expressed via liquid instruments with the greatest return asymmetry.

Investment Research Process

Multi-dimensional approach to research and asset selection leveraging unique expertise, access and tooling.

Investment Research Process Investment Research Process

Re7 Labs

DeFi R&D and Risk Analysis

Curating On-chain Risk

Re7 Labs applies advanced in-house risk tooling and research capabilities to support a wide range of DeFi protocols as a curator and advisor.

Curating On-chain Risk

DeFi Ecosystem Design

We work to grow DeFi ecosystems by enhancing liquidity and user experience with a focus on applying our one-of-a-kind practical DeFi experience.

DeFi Ecosystem Design
Building Blocks

Building Blocks

We work across all layers of DeFi ecosystem developing it from the ground up.

DeFi Protocol Tier APY, %
AAA 6.90
AA 1.09
A 1.45
BBB 10.21
BB 8.69
B 7.12
CCC 0.37
CC 5.10

Re7 DeFi Ratings

Operating in DeFi requires combining traditional risk management with new methods of assessing and quantifying software risks.

Re7 DeFi Ratings is a risk management framework that evaluates smart contract and other DeFi risks to assign holistic ratings. These act as a key input into DeFi asset allocation models.

Data Models

A collection of unique charts and models created by Re7.

Ethereum ML Indices vs. MCAP

Re7's ML Index for Ethereum values the network according to the number of active users using Metcalfe's Law. Re7's ML Blended Index is a proprietary index which incorporates the active user base of Ethereum’s scaling networks.

NFT mints by chain

Re7 Research

Re7's insights hub — data-driven market and thematic research within the blockchain economy
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